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Liv Harland was midway through a song when she stopped to help a homeless man, but she couldn’t have predicted what was to happen next. She shared the footage on TikTok and it quickly went viral

A singer who gave her earnings to a homeless man receives “good karma” from a stranger just seconds later.

Liv Harland, from York, was in the middle of a performance in Manchester city centre when she spotted a homeless man rummaging through the bin for food.

As he pulls out some discarded chicken nuggets, she stops singing, and, eager to help, she walks over and says to him: “If I give you money will you get fresh ones?”

When he agrees, she walks straight over to her money pot where she pulls out a note and hands it to the man who thanked her profusely.

“Promise me you’ll get fresh ones,” she says to him as he walks away.

One person said: “Anyone notice the guy at the end watched her – then he repaid her kindness.”

Another wrote: “The fact that you didn’t even think twice. Such a kind heart.”

A third commented: “‘Sharing will not make you poorer.'”

Someone else wrote: “You could have said it over the mic to get attention, but you didn’t because you genuinely wanted to help him. [I love you] for that.”